Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Digital Addiction News

I always love this part of running My Digital Addiction: We have a new Designer of the Month for the month of February 2008! This month it is Xandra Martin!

Xandra brings a fresh, colorful blend of designs that you will love. There is a type of innocence about them that I find absolutely charming. Be sure to check out her blog - she's going to be offering some goodies! You can also read a bit about Xandra HERE in our Forum.

And that's not all! Xandra is the Official Sponsor of our VERY FIRST Layout Contest at My Digital Addiction! It is called "The Greatest Love Story Ever Told (at My Digital Addiction)." Click HERE to read about it and join in the fun!

Here's my entry - I've already uploaded it to the Layout Gallery. I want to win! Xandra's designing an exclusive kit for the winner!

All of the elements are from a kit I've just finished called "The Broken Road." Check out my previous entry from January 26th - the title is from "Rascal Flatts'" song. Really pretty. It will be in the Download section of My Digital Addiction as soon as it's uploaded (which is taking forever!).

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Time is Running Out!

Hey Guys! Update on my patient who drove me to drink the other day - she and her baby are doing fantastic! They are both out of the ICUs and doing very well. I went to visit her a couple of times to talk and see how she was doing. We both just cried. She and her baby are really and truly miracles.

I wanted to make sure you all know to be sure to grab any items you want from My Digital Addiction's "Featured Products." They are all set to expire on January 31st!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Ahhhh..... a long crazy day at work. I'm going to tell you a secret: I've been drinking. Haha! I've had literally the worst day at work in my entire 13 years of working in Labor & Delivery. And so I came home and had two great big glasses of Baileys and Butterscotch Schnapps. Do you KNOW how good that is?!

Without getting into too much detail, there is a handfull of life and death situations in Labor & Delivery that we call "True Obstetrical Emergencies." Of them all, I think probably the worst is an Amniotic Fluid Embolism. It is extremely rare... I've never experienced it in all of my years working. It's a very dramatic reaction to something you cannot prevent or control... and that's what happened to my patient today. About 80% of the women (and their babies) die from this... hideous odds. But somehow today, with the help of an incredible, incredible team of people and most certainly God, my patient and her baby are still alive. It's really and truly a miracle.

But how do you deal with something like that? You can't imagine the trauma you feel after being involved in such a situation (never mind the family!). So us nurses decompress in whatever ways we can, I guess... we talk, we cry, and sometimes we just have a great big drink.

Oh - and sometimes we sit down and design something! I'm working on a different type of Valentine Kit called "The Broken Road" (after the song by Rascal Flatts). It's really a beautiful song that makes you thankful for every moment in your life - even those that may have caused you regret - because each moment has led you right to where you are now.

Sorry! This product is no longer available for download.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

FREE: Colors of Cancun Part 2

Hey guys! Ahhh.... I have a few days off from my "real job" as a Labor and Delivery nurse and I need it! I've had a few difficult days... so many people tell me "Oh, you work in Labor and Delivery! You're so lucky! You get to see all of those babies... " I have the impression that most people have no clue what my job really entails. The fact is, my job has very little to do with rocking babies... and although (for the most part) I do love what I do, there are times, this past week included, when there's nothing pleasant about it. There are times when I encounter sad, sad, miserable lives that affect me to the point that I can't sleep for days... even after doing this for 13 years!

So, I am decompressing by lounging at my computer and scrapping and designing to my heart's content! I think I'm pretty much finished with the add-on of "Colors of Cancun" so here it is! You can click on the preview to be taken to the My Digital Addiction Download area. Also be sure to snag Part 1 and the matching alphabet!

Sorry! This product is no longer available for download.

Here's a layout I made, using the "Colors of Cancun" kit and Add-on. My sister's going to kill me, but I get a kick out of sitting on the sidelines of the pool with a long lens and a fast shutter speed. Hehe!

I also wanted to give something extra to my blog readers. You guys leave the most inspirational notes and emails and I really love being able to give back to you all. So here is the second set of stickers from "Colors of Cancun."

Sorry! This product is no longer available for download.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Couple of Cancun Layouts

It doesn't take much, but I am kind of excited about the great feedback I've gotten regarding my kit, "Colors of Cancun." So many of you have been so generous in your kind words and comments... this is why I love to do this! It's the exact reason why I didn't want to sell anymore! It is a real pleasure to be able to give and to hear from you all how you can use it!

As I was scrapping my pictures from Cancun, I created the elements as I went, and now I have a pile of new items that I would like to add to the kit, so I'll be posting an add-on as soon as I have some spare time. Here's a couple of layouts I've made from the kit so far:

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Colors of Cancun

This last month, shortly before Christmas, my family started what I hope to be a great new tradition. All of those that could, packed up and spent a week together in Cancun, Mexico! I had an absolutely awesome time and took about a million pictures. So you know where this is going, right? I needed a kit that would coordinate and display all of these pictures... so I started working and came up with "Colors of Cancun." I'm really enjoying making it, so if this initial part is successful, I will continue to create a larger kit. But in the meantime, here's "Colors of Cancun" and the matching alphabets:

Sorry! These products are no longer available for download.

As a little thank-you for visiting my blog, I am including a little extra here only. I've taken all of the elements and wordart from the kit and made them into stickers (most around 4 inches in size).

Sorry! These products are no longer available for download.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New FREEBIES Section!

Good Morning! It's all gray and ugly here in Texas today. I can't complain too much because yesterday was gorgeous. We even went for a 5K walk in t-shirts!

So! Today, in my continued effort to grow and improve, I am introducing a new section in My Digital Addiction. I have had a ton of people ask for this and I think it is so generous of you all, so here it is! There is now a FREEBIES section in the "Layout Gallery" for anyone and everyone to post their FREEBIES! I have hesitated bringing this because there are many FREEBIE resources out there already, but hey! Rule #1 of Freebie Addicts: You can never have too many FREEBIES! Right?! My only requests are this:
  • Please provide a direct link to the product. If it is a blog freebie, please provide the link directly to the date is is offered, not the link to the blog in general. If it is in a Store, please provide the direct link to the product, not to the store itself.
  • Please keep it current. If you are removing the item from circulation or it is no longer a freebie, please remove it from the Gallery.
  • Spread the word and share the love!

Thanks Guys! Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Trip to the Dentist

Ugh. So I was off work today and as a special treat had to go to the Dentist. Ever notice how your teeth never get better? Just when you think you're getting ahead, there is always some big decay just around the corner... I hate to be cynical, but I start wondering if Dentists are just great Salespeople, and I'm the fool for buying a filling!

But back to my real reason for being here. I wanted to remind everyone that Joli over at The Scrap Professor is still offering her "My Digital Addiction" kit for FREE!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fairy Dreams Kit

Hey guys! I've been off in La-La Land, trying to pull myself together after the Holiday rush... I started working out this past week (again! Hehe!) and overdid it to the extreme on Monday, to the point that I could barely walk until Thursday. It was rediculous! But still with the small amount of exercise and the dieting, I've lost 4.5 pounds this week, so I'm happy.

I also finished up a kit that's been sitting around for a while... Remember a while back I gave out the beginnings of a kit called Fairy Dust? I lost the inspiration for it and let it lie. Meanwhile I got a million requests to finish it! Haha! You guys are hilarious! So it's up in the store now... and as usual, IT'S FREE! Here's the link to the "Store:"

Sorry! These products are no longer available for download.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Visit From Family

It is a rare and special occasion for me to have a visit from my family. My entire family lives in Canada and I live in Texas, so we can't exactly drop by for coffee. It was kind of extra special when my younger brother Brian came this past week, because he has never been to visit me here! He was on a road trip with 5 of his friends and they came several hours out of their way to visit me. I had the best time! Here they all are in downtown Dallas:

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The January '08 Designer of the Month is...

Brittney Ferguson! Brittney is a fun, young designer with fresh ideas and full of creativity. Be sure to drop by the My Digital Addiction Forum to read her interview. She's also just released a brand new kit called "Electric Urban" and is going to be giving away some pretty cool freebies that you won't want to miss. So drop by her blog, Brittney Ferguson Designs!

My brother and 5 of his buddies are coming to visit me here in Texas tomorrow - they're passing through, so just for one day - but I've got to run and get things ready! Six 20-something guys... That's a heck of a lot of food!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

Hello to everyone coming over from my old blog, Nurses Designs Blog! Thank-you so much for following me! I won't change again, I swear! My Digital Addiction is my focus now. I would like to use this blog as a communication tool, letting you all know about new products. But it will also be a little more personal... a little about me, my life and what I think.

So it's a new year! I seriously remember it turning 1980 and I found it so difficult in school to stop writing 1979! Where does time go?! Do you guys still do resolutions? I do... I call them goals for the year. I always have to having something I'm working towards. So here's mine:

  1. Change my body (eating right and exercising regularily)
  2. Pay off credit card
  3. Cut grocery bill using coupons

Do-able, don't you think? Yeah... we'll see....

So here's something to get us started off right ~ I've just put up a new kit with it's coordinating alphabet in the store. It's called Little Girls Dream. As always, IT'S FREE!!!

Sorry! These products are no longer available for download.

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