Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Time is Running Out!

Hey Guys! Update on my patient who drove me to drink the other day - she and her baby are doing fantastic! They are both out of the ICUs and doing very well. I went to visit her a couple of times to talk and see how she was doing. We both just cried. She and her baby are really and truly miracles.

I wanted to make sure you all know to be sure to grab any items you want from My Digital Addiction's "Featured Products." They are all set to expire on January 31st!


Barb in Florida

Glad all worked out well. Sometimes it just feels like there's a guardian angel in situations like that. Today a patient came in by EMS, she was stopped by the police for erratic driving and she told him she was in labor he said that she couldn't be she wasn't big enough! Well she said the baby is coming and he called an ambulance (to take her two blocks - he could have driven her). She delivered shortly after we got her, frank breech, thick mec.! Thank goodness it wasn't her first baby.


Hi Joanne;
I was going back & unzipping some files I got behind on. One kit was your Candy Colored Christmas. The file #2 is corrupt. I came back to see if I could get it but no luck. It was from the store & although a Freebie, not found is the message I got. Is there any way I could get file number 2?

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