Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Digital Addiction News

I always love this part of running My Digital Addiction: We have a new Designer of the Month for the month of February 2008! This month it is Xandra Martin!

Xandra brings a fresh, colorful blend of designs that you will love. There is a type of innocence about them that I find absolutely charming. Be sure to check out her blog - she's going to be offering some goodies! You can also read a bit about Xandra HERE in our Forum.

And that's not all! Xandra is the Official Sponsor of our VERY FIRST Layout Contest at My Digital Addiction! It is called "The Greatest Love Story Ever Told (at My Digital Addiction)." Click HERE to read about it and join in the fun!

Here's my entry - I've already uploaded it to the Layout Gallery. I want to win! Xandra's designing an exclusive kit for the winner!

All of the elements are from a kit I've just finished called "The Broken Road." Check out my previous entry from January 26th - the title is from "Rascal Flatts'" song. Really pretty. It will be in the Download section of My Digital Addiction as soon as it's uploaded (which is taking forever!).


Anne of Alamo

I downloaded the entire set yesterday, and didn't unzip and look at it til right now!
WOW and gosh I felt like Christmas morning and I got everything I ever wanted!
We are packing now, and taking a huge road trip (moving from NewMEx to Northern Cali) with 4 kids and we all take pics...this kit is the theme...cause we want to LOVE each other at the end of the trip!!
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!

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