Thursday, October 16, 2008

Terms of Use

The following are the Terms of Use for all of my Digital Scrapbooking products. Please be so kind as to respect these terms with the understanding that although I my creations away on this blog, they are not for anyone else to give away.
  1. Copyrights to all designs belong to the original creator, Joanna Cinnamon, with all rights reserved.
  2. Distribution of these designs in any fashion is not permissable.
  3. All graphic designs are for personal use only.
  4. You may post layouts to websites or scrapbooking magazines that include any portion of the graphics, altered or not, providing you give proper credit and reference back to
  5. Graphics may not be used commercially.
  6. Altering a graphic is permissable, however you many not then claim them as your own.



Hi Joanna,
I couldn't find "contact me" anywhere on the blog, so I had to leave a comment. In the summer you started a kit about pregnancy. I was just wondering if you were going to pick that up again?

Thanks for all your great freebies. You are so generous and I love what you do!!!


I know! I was just remembering that! That will be my next give-away. Thanks for the reminder!


I totally missed your We're Pregnant items/kit, and I would love to have it if possible,, thanx Mandi.

Heather Steward

Hi, I saw the girls night out kit and I'm dying to get it! please contact me I will pay for it! I need it for a bachelorette party page :)

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