Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New FREEBIES Section!

Good Morning! It's all gray and ugly here in Texas today. I can't complain too much because yesterday was gorgeous. We even went for a 5K walk in t-shirts!

So! Today, in my continued effort to grow and improve, I am introducing a new section in My Digital Addiction. I have had a ton of people ask for this and I think it is so generous of you all, so here it is! There is now a FREEBIES section in the "Layout Gallery" for anyone and everyone to post their FREEBIES! I have hesitated bringing this because there are many FREEBIE resources out there already, but hey! Rule #1 of Freebie Addicts: You can never have too many FREEBIES! Right?! My only requests are this:
  • Please provide a direct link to the product. If it is a blog freebie, please provide the link directly to the date is is offered, not the link to the blog in general. If it is in a Store, please provide the direct link to the product, not to the store itself.
  • Please keep it current. If you are removing the item from circulation or it is no longer a freebie, please remove it from the Gallery.
  • Spread the word and share the love!

Thanks Guys! Have a great day!



Hi Joanna,

I came across ur blog while looking for interesting stuff for my blog. It's so good to know that someone who is not in software line is able to produce stuff so nice and yet it's free. Thank you for the effort. And looking to what you have designed, makes me feel like wanna try do it as well. But I don't know how to start. Can I get free sofware/tools to be able to do it?



Thanks for letting me know about the change in blog. But now your freebies have moved to a non-obvious place please read the FAQ on digifree to make sure that the system can find you.


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