Thursday, January 8, 2009

Beds and Selling

It's a beautiful day out (I've given up trying to figure out Texas weather!) and I am stuck at home waiting for a mattress delivery. Don't you just love when they tell you "We'll be there between 12:45 and 6:45." Seriously?! With my luck it will be 6:45, too! I am excited about it, though... I had bought a beautiful, beautiful bed with four poster pillars. I had this idea in my head of exactly what I wanted and I was not going to settle for something different. After looking and looking at hundreds of beds, I finally found exactly the one that I wanted about a year ago. I then proceeded to do absolutely nothing to set up the room. Procrastination Queen. So now that we need to make room for the baby, we're getting all organized and fixing up the master bedroom (finally!). We went out a week ago and found a mattress that we liked - my dear, silly husband wanted to know why we couldn't just order one online! Haha! I had him rolling in them in the store. This is a big purchase and you have to be comfy, right?! So now I'm waiting...

I wanted to answer a few commenters' questions here. A couple of you wanted to know if I sell anywhere. I currently do not. I ended up closing down my store a little while ago and now I am kind of enjoying the break! I certainly haven't eliminated the possibility of selling in another store in the future, but being busy with my home and the baby coming, I don't think right now is a good time to start, for me. If you have requests, please feel free to leave them in the comments and as time permits I will get to them. How's that for a deal? Thanks to everyone for their interest, though!



Hope you're enjoying your new matress. How nice of you to take requests. You are too good to us!

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