Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Blog Full of Freebies!

Ok, so you all know by now that I love great deals and Freebies. So when I find a new nugget of information or a great new blog I'm going to share it with you! Now, maybe you've all heard of this place already, but I've been out of the loop for a while, so I'm just discovering it. It's a blog called the WaterLO Project. Here's how they define themselves: "We are free group of people (you can see their names in the kit preview), creative team and friends of PST Designs. The target of our project is to combine professional looking elements with gumboots, roasted duck, concrete troll or rat named Ru┼żenka. We are fond of thinking up new elements and we are looking for seeing our „absolutely unscrapable“ elements used by you in your layouts. Usually our kits include about 50 elements so you can choose by your taste and we believe everyone is able to choose something. We create our kits a bit differently and tricky style – we define only theme to big group of members - without colour definition and restrictions. That’s the reason why our freebies look a bit differently. One more specialty of WaterLO Project are papers that we create only by mixture of textures and blended photos. And that is enough about us – lets download and create!"

They are different, original, interesting and very, very generous, so if you haven't already, take a jaunt over to the WaterLO Project Blog and have a look!


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914

Hi Joanna!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for the heads up on the new blog!!!!!
Will check it out later when I have more time!!!!!!
Please check out my blog for my AWESOME GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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