Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Momma and the Milkman

Here's a great story - as you may know I work as a nurse in a Labor and Delivery unit at a local hospital. Normally I don't talk too much about situations at work because of privacy laws, HIPPA, etc, but this story happened to be on the evening news, so I guess I'm free to tell it!

Shortly after arriving to work this morning, we got a call from the Emergency Room to tell us that an ambulance was bringing in a woman who had just delivered a baby en route to the hospital. They arrived - a beaming Mom, a very flustered Dad and a beautiful healthy baby girl. Together, Mom and Dad told us how they were racing to the hospital, when Mom quickly realized that they were not going to make it. Just 2 minutes away from our hospital, she told her husband to pull the car over - the baby was coming now! Her husband pulled over immediately into the first place that he could - it was the back of a large grocery store without a soul in sight. Mom, who's water just broke, told him "NO! We need help! Drive to where there are people!" Then around the corner drove the Borden's Milk truck. Dad flagged down the driver. Bob, the Borden's Milk truck driver, whom we later met, came over to help. He told us later "I was thinking someone needed directions until I saw these legs up in the air, then I thought Oh Crap!" Dad asked him to call 911. Bob called it, turned around and the baby was already born! So with guidance from the 911 team Bob and Dad tied the cord with Dad's shoelace, cleaned the baby's mouth and nose, wrapped her up in a warm blanket, gave her back to Mom and waited from the ambulance to arrive. As the ambulance drove away, Bob told the new parents: "You should name her Elsie!"

Once the new family got settled they thought it would be fun to call the News, so we did. They tracked down Bob, the Borden's Milk man and did a great story about it on the 5 0'clock evening news. If I find the clip, I'll post it.



:) Great story!

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