Monday, February 18, 2008

Stressed Out Nurses

The coolest thing - I've gotten messages and emails from quite a few nurses from all over the world, telling me how they, too are on blood pressure medication! The interesting thing is, I was already starting to think that maybe this whole blood pressure business is not so much a pathology as it is a symptom of something else... I was having headaches before, but there was a real turning point when I was involved in a especially traumatic case at work (I blogged about it a while ago). Since then I've noticed that I will start getting headaches on my way to work! I'm perfectly fine when I'm at home! Not only that, but my blood pressure completely bottomed out on one of the medications and I had a pretty severe case of tachycardia, which almost sent me to the hospital with chest pain! Conclusion: Maybe I'm a nut case (but we all knew that anyways!).

Whatever the case, I have an (another!) appointment this afternoon with my doctor and I'll see what she has to say...

Big question is "What am I doing about it?" Well, the day I was first perscribed BP meds, I came home and ordered a stationary bike off of the internet. It got here a week ago and I am on it at least 1/2 hour everyday. I got some protein powder, but it was so gross I couldn't gag it down... going to have to do something different with that! Eating, wise, I already eat as non-fat as you can get - and have been doing that for over 2 years now. If anyone wants great non-fat recipes - I'm the one to ask! Hehe!

Here's one I'm making today for my boyfriend. It's the Jello Cake. He's been talking about this cake for several weeks now, so I figured I'd make it to shut him up! Haha! This is just a picture off of the internet, but it's exactly how it looks... It's an angel food cake - I just use the one in the box. That way you can't go wrong. Once it's out of the oven you poke holes in it and pour jello into the holes, then let it cool and add whipped topping. A 100% fat free food! Not bad, eh?!



how COOL for a fat free dessert!!!
I'm on weight watchers and that looks soooo yum and YAY!!
thanks for sharing!!!


wow, does it taste as good as it looks? :)

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