Monday, February 11, 2008

Nothing Positive to Say

Hey All! I'm having one of those months... nothing is going right. Every single day that I am off work, I have doctors appointments. The blood pressure pill that I started on just about gave me a heart attack. My heart started racing to about 160 for almost 3 days. NOT fun! Then I just sent out My Digital Addiction's first ever Quarterly Newsletter and my Host suspended my account because they thought I was spamming people! UGH! And it's funny how fast they can shut you down, yet how slow it takes them to get it back up.... Which it still isn't, by the way! Grrr!

So on to something more positive: ummm..... I don't have anything right now. Haha! I'll have to write later. I haven't even had a minute to design a thing!


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