Wednesday, February 6, 2008

FREE: Love of My Life Kit

My five days off are almost over.... awwww! I was enjoying them sooooo much! I needed a mental health break after my last week at work, so I was soooo thankful that I had a little break in my schedule like this. It's always shocking to me how fast time goes. I thought I had five days off, so I would get so much done. Yeah, right!

First problem was the roof. We've had some rediculously windy days here. So strong that it blew part of our fence down and several shingles from many of the houses along our street! My boyfriend fixed the fence, which was awesome. But there was no way I was going to let him get up on the roof. So we had to get roofers to come over to replace the shingles. Just in time, too because the next day it rained!

Then there's the yard. For some strange reason, our yard is the only one in the neighbourhood that has these strange weeds on it. Everyone's grass is brown here at this time of the year. Then there is ours that looks like it has green measles! Our lawn care service doesn't start for another month and Michael is convinced we are going to get fined by our Home Owners Association if we don't get it looked after. So we actually went out and bought a cheap mower and weed killer to spread. The only problem is that it's still so windy, I'm sure if I spread anything it will simply blow away!

Number 3 was my whole blood pressure nonsense with all of the doctors appointments and blood tests etc... and they're not done yet! I decided I had to do something drastic to get off of these pills by the end of the year (that's my goal). So I ordered an excercise bike and protein shakes. Haha! My rules: a protein shake for breakfast (at least!) and I will never watch TV without being on the bike.

So now it's day 5 and I'm just sitting down to relax and give away another kit! Whoo-Hoo! This one is another Valentines Kit called "Love of My Life."

Sorry! This product is no longer available for download.



This is so very nice of's beautiful. Thank you! :)


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