Saturday, February 23, 2008

A New Way to Pay!

When I started "My Digital Addiction" a few months ago, I really wanted to be able to offer the Digital Scrapbooking community a place to interact, learn and above all, find quality "freebies." I was well aware that my hosting and bandwith costs would be significant, but I was thinking (mostly hoping!) that advertising placed on the site would cover the costs. Unfortunately for the time being, they are not. No biggie - I realize we're just starting out... We're growing drastically each month, so I am maintaining hope! In the meantime I am always trying to find ways to cover the costs.

The other day, while blog-hopping, I came across another Digital Scrapbooker's Blog who not only scrapped for hire but blogged for hire. What a great idea for a SAHM! Or, even better... what a great idea for ME!!! Maybe this could be a tool in keeping my site alive! Haha! So, I've signed up with Pay Per Post.

Pay Per Post is company that brings together Bloggers and Advertisers, to their mutual benefit. You can get involved in this opportunity as well, by doing blog reviews of my posts, if you like! This does not mean that this blog is going to suddenly be taken over by annoying advertising! It is important to me that all those of you who actually read my blog, continue to to do so! I use my blog as a communication and gateway to My Digital Addiction, and this will not change. All sponsored posts will be carefully integrated into my blog to cause as little disturbance as possible.

Thank-you to everyone for your continued support of My Digital Addiction!


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