Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Addiction to Good Deals

I don't know if it's just my frugal nature coming out, or the fact that I grew up as the eldest daughter of 15 children, but I love good deals! Did anyone watch Oprah yesterday - the show about the "freegans"? Yikes! These folks actually dig through garbage bins for food and other consummables. This completely freaks me out now, but as kid it was a different story! One of our favorite passtimes as kids was to go "Garage-Sale-ing" with my Dad every Saturday morning... or "bin-diving" with my crazy brothers. We'd find bicycles, computers, chairs... all kinds of treasures. As I grew older, I went grocery shopping with my Dad every week and learned how to spend less.

Now that I've moved away from my family, I am still always watching for the best deals. My biggest focus this year (and actually one of my New Years resolutions) is to not only keep the credit card in check, but to eliminate credit card debt completely. One way to tackle this issue is to try to be proactive, researching and finding the best credit card deals available... being aware of beneficial balance transfers, great interest rates, etc. It is also helpful to have a card that provides the convenience of 100% online banking. I love being able to do the majority of my transactions online in my home. This way I can keep a close eye on all of my transactions and know when I need to adjust my spending accordingly.


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