Friday, February 29, 2008

A Lost Form of Expression

As I mentionned in a previous post, I've just booked myself for a visit "home" to visit my family back in Canada. One of the main reasons for the visit is to crash my sister's 30th surprise birthday party. Haaaaa! Can you imagine the fun?! She's one of those people who gives and gives and gives and never thinks of taking in return. So I am very excited to surprise her.

Today I was cruising the internet, trying to find some gift ideas and menu items for her party. I ended up browsing birthday cards. I often find myself doing this - I think because it gives me inspiration for my scrapbooking - styles, colors, layouts, elements and even sayings. I also think that sending and receiving greeting cards is becoming a lost form of expression. Don't you think that there is something just a little more meaningful to a card than to an email, don't you think? Just an example, but the other night, when I was going to bed, I found a card tucked under my pillow. It was from my sweet, sweet boyfriend! It was obviously very carefully chosen to express exactly what he was feeling. It was so unexpectedly romantic and random... I went to sleep with a smile on my face, thinking I had the best man in the world! Haha!

This particular site was kind of cool because the cards are customizable! You can order a ton of them, if you want... birthday cards, holiday cards, thank-you cards... I like simple and easy, and this site was just that - I chose the card I wanted. The next page you do any customization you want and presto! it's done! One quick step and you checkout.


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