Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Digital Addiction is GONE!

To all of my Customers and Friends: From the moment I opened "My Digital Addiction" I have had significant issues with my Hosting provider. Because of these issues, I quickly realized I would have to change Hosts in order to provide the service I wanted to my customers. I changed to a Host I have been very happy with and have not had a single other issue. However, I never received a refund from the original Host of several hundreds of dollars. I'm not a big-time designer, in fact I only give my designs away. So I'm sure you understand that I do not have that sort of expendible cash floating around. Despite numerous attempts at resolution, including everything short of a lawsuit, this situation remains unresolved. Today, despite my understanding otherwise, my domain registration expired and the original company has not been forcoming with the required documentation to reinstate it. So as of now, "My Digital Addiction" is no more.

If the situation changes, so may the outcome. Until then, please continue to visit me at this blog where all will continue as usual.



Big ouch. That is not good. You should probably publish the name of the company you dealt with before so people can be wary when they do business with them.

I'll come by to visit here still. :)


I feel your frustration. Report them to Better Business Bureau. Other users and potential users should be aware of this so they don't fall into the same trap!
Good luck to you!


Girl, you know I did!

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