Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Finally! A Comfy Chair!

This may not be a huge deal to most, but it is to me... I finally got myself a gorgeous, new office chair today! It is sooooo comfortable and lush, I think I'll just sit here all evening! If you read this blog much, you may remember I mentionned several months ago (I'm talking April!) that my office chair had broken. We had gone out looking for a chair that would suit but came up empty-handed. Like the brilliant person that I am, I continued to sit in it. The inevitable eventually happened. I was sitting in the chair, chatting with my friend, Melody, leaning waaaaay back and CRASH! Hahaha! I crashed to the ground in the most lady-like fashion and she was so shocked that she fell too! LOL! She quickly regained her senses and grabbed her camera. And no, I will not be showing the results here!


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