Thursday, May 29, 2008


You would not believe what happened to me today. It's the Digital Scrapper's Ultimate Horror Show: a wierd virus attack (despite McAfee!), in fact the virus seemed to disable my antivirus, and would then start playing porn movies on my screen along with Rap Music Lyrics. I've lost everything - my entire hard drive, including everything I have acquired in the last 3 months! I've spent the last 9 hours attempting to get my PC at least running again. I'll try to get the final installment of "Text Talk" up tonight. Wish me luck!



OMG. I'm glad you got your computer up & running. Were you able to recover any data? Do you have any idea where it came from?

Thank you for the last part of Text Talks. I hope things are looker better for you


Thanks for the last download. I sure hope everything ends up turning out ok with your computer.


Holy cow! That's terrible! What a nasty virus!


NOOOO!! My worst nightmare! So sad!!

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